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Task Management App Review: What I love about Todoist


Last month, Nancy wrote a post about the Microsoft ToDo app she uses for task management.  Todoist is my task management tool of choice.  As an Apple user across all my devices, I could have chosen the Reminders App, but I wanted more functionality to manage projects and subtasks.  As Nancy mentions, “picking an app to manage your tasks can be daunting, since there is an overwhelming number of apps available.  Most of them contain similar features and integrate with a variety of platforms.” We came up with a few items to consider when choosing a task management tool.   

Things to consider when choosing a task management tool.

Ease of access – You should be able to access your Task tool everywhere you go.  If you choose a paper list, it needs to be something you take with you.  Sometimes clients ask me whether it is okay to have one list for work related items and one list for personal items.  It is okay to separate your items, but both lists should be somewhere you can access it from anywhere.  So, if you remember something forgot to do at work when you are at home, you can add it to your work task list.

Integration with other apps – Be sure to pick a tool that integrates with the other tools and apps you use like your calendar, Google Chrome, etc. 

Platform availability– Be sure to pick a tool that will work across all your different operating system platforms.  I love being able to add tasks from my laptop, iPhone, and iPad.   

One of the things I love about Todoist is the clean, simple, and easy-to-use interface.  I have changed the interface to pink to make it more personalized!   I also love that I can get Siri to add tasks to my list without ever touching my phone.  By setting up the shortcut in the Shortcuts App, I simply ask Siri to create a task and then it appears in my Todoist app.  This is especially helpful when I remember something I need to do while I am driving. 

I also love that my tasks appear in my calendar on my phone, desktop and iPad.  So, when I look at my day, I can see all my appointments, meetings and tasks in one place.  This makes scheduling new items super easy!

Todoist has a large list of integrations you can use to make your task and project management easier.  There are integrations with Outlook and Gmail and other email platforms to make turning your emails into tasks simple.  Todoist also has integrations with productivity, communication, project management, cloud storage and many other handy dandy tools. 

Todoist works with every major platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, macOS, Windows, Android Wear, Apple Watch, browser extensions, and the web. I have found the syncing to be very reliable and easy.

A big part of what makes Todoist so great is that it has so many features, but it never feels overwhelming. The user interface keeps the experience simple and light. The more you use Todoist, however, the more features you discover like different project views, templates for workflow, automations, etc.

Todoist has a version you can try for free.  I recommend giving it a week before switching from your current system.  So, the free version is a way for you check it out with little risk. 


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