Task Management App Review: Microsoft’s To-Do App

Task Management App Review: Microsoft’s To-Do App


Picking an app to manage your tasks can be daunting, since there is an overwhelming number of apps available.  Most of them contain similar features and integrate with a variety of platforms.  Sometimes the decision is as easy as using the app that is already included with your email or calendar app or that is already installed on your device.

A few things to consider when choosing a task management app include ease of access, integration with other apps, and platform availability.

Let’s look at how the Microsoft ToDo app fits these considerations.

Ease of access

·      The Microsoft ToDo app can be accessed using the

o   Web app

o   Desktop app (PC and Mac)

o   Device app (Android, Windows, and iOS)

Integration with other apps

·      The Microsoft ToDo app integrates

o   Outlook Tasks

o   Outlook Flagged Emails

o   Planner Tasks Assigned to you

·      Also, tasks can be viewed in

o   Outlook

o   Teams

Platform availability

·      The Microsoft ToDo app is available in these platforms

o   Web browser

o   iOS

o   Android

o   Windows

o   Mac

You are also able to use voice commands (Siri, Google, or Cortona) to add tasks to your list.  Just make sure you set the Microsoft ToDo app as your default app on your device.

Another bonus of the ToDo app is that you can create shared lists to easily collaborate with others, colleagues, friends, or family.  Tasks on these shared lists can be assigned to any member of the list.


Sara and I utilize different apps to manage our tasks, but that doesn’t mean that one is better than another.  Since I use the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, I prefer the Microsoft ToDo app.  When adding tasks to the Outlook Task module, the tasks felt hidden, like they fell into a black hole. By adding the To Do App to my Windows 10 desktop I find I review and act on task items daily.  As a bonus, I can also view my tasks in Outlook or Teams.



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