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The Journey to mastering Your Time

A Complete Hands-on Workshop for Creating a Personal Custom Time Management System

Discover the Secret of Focus & Productivity

Many of our clients have tried the one-size fits all programs or systems that promise life altering change, only to revert to old habits.  The challenge with these canned programs is they don’t fit into their lifestyle, workflow or technical abilities.  

Our course is not a one-size fits all.

We all are different, our jobs are different and we have different learning styles and personalities.  Therefore, we all need different productivity tools to help us manage our day, calendar, tasks and distractions.  The Journey to Mastering Your Time will teach you how to create a system for your work, your technology preferences, and your personal life!

We created this course as a hands-on workshop to guide you through assessing and creating your custom personal Guided Productivity System (GPS).

Do You Need to Get More out of Your day?

Are you OVERWHELMED with emails, information and tasks?

Do you feel like a HAMSTER on a WHEEL?

Is your business DEPENDENT on you, so you can never take a day off?

Do you LIVE TO WORK instead of WORK TO LIVE?

Is your CALENDAR PACKED with meetings?

- The Roadmap -

The Journey to Mastering Your Time is unique, incremental, and applicable for any size business from solopreneurs to large corporations.  Each module of the course takes you through techniques for managing and maintaining the components of your Guided Productivity System:  Tasks, Calendar, Email and Timewasters.  

13 Video Lessons

The course contains 5 modules and 13 video lessons, to help you improve your time management and success rate.  Each on-demand video is between 8-15 minutes.  Small bites, so you can complete the course at your own pace.

Action Steps

Each lesson comes with a checklist of action steps to keep you focused and on target as you create your GPS.  


We’ve included worksheets and templates to make it easy to connect your learning experience to your tasks, calendar, and workflow.  These exercises are the markers which help you create your personal GPS and become a productivity master.


We will be with you every step of the way.  As a member of the Journey to Mastering Your Time Community, you become a member of our exclusive Facebook Community and get access to our live group coaching calls. Ask us questions at any time within the Facebook Community or via email.

Stop Getting Lost In Your Day!

Use Our Guided Productivity System to Build the Life of Your Dreams and

Become the Master of Your Success!  

Are you ready to...

Spend More Time Producing Results?

Accomplish More with Less Effort?

Spend More Time with Family and Friends?

Create Days that are Rewarding and Meaningful?

Live in the Moment by decreasing stress and anxiety?

Lifetime Access to Everything You Need to Build a

Dynamic Productivity System

We’re here to tell you are not the only one who can’t figure it out.  There are lots of smart, hardworking people who are also stuck on the hamster wheel.

Maybe, you’ve gotten some ideas on how to be more productive from a book, conference, blog or a  co-worker.  But there are so many ideas and it is hard to figure out where to start or which idea might work best.  

This course will help you overcome these obstacles and find focused ongoing success by walking you through the steps to create your personal GPS.

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Just need to focus on one area? Pick the individual module to meet your needs.

Are you suffering from endless email? Is your Inbox overflowing?  Are you drowning in information overload?  Email can speed up communication and reduce physical mail, but it can also be overwhelming.

This course will empower you to reduce incoming messages; with techniques to make active conscious decisions when processing messages; and with options to organize saved messages.




Do you have multiple task lists: paper lists, sticky notes, electronic apps, etc?  Or do you try to keep your tasks in your head?  Maintaining multiple lists and trying to remember multiple tasks can be exhausting, challenging, and even frustrating.

This course will help you discover the importance of freeing up your brain by collecting all tasks in one place; the difference between a task and a project; using the 4Ds to help you process your tasks faster; and an easy way to prioritize tasks.




Did you know that your calendar is a major component to increased productivity?  Your calendar is for more than just scheduled meetings.  Maximizing how you utilize your calendar can help you be more productive, maintain your focus, and get more done.

This course will help you look at the bigger picture of what matters most in your life and at work; utilize tools to estimate how long it takes to complete tasks; and learn strategies to keep you grounded and focused on your goals.




Do you wonder where the day goes?  Are you busy all day, but don’t feel you get very many of your tasks completed?  We can easily overlook those things that divert our focus and waste time.

This course will help you identify your personal external distractions and internal interrupters; implement techniques to manage external distractions; and gain insights on self-management techniques to reduce internal interrupters to keep you focused and on track.



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